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Installation FAQ's


What are grommets?
Grommets are protective gaskets used to help secure the towel bar and to prevent water from leaking behind the wall.

Why do some bathing fixtures have to be shimmed?
Every alcove is different. In some cases shimming may be required to fill in gaps on the sides between the product and the studs.  However, Shimming SHOULD NOT be used for leveling the base. 

What type of caulk do you recommend for my bathtub or shower?
DO NOT use 100% silicone caulk.  It can damage the surface of the tub or shower.  Use only a latex acrylic caulk with less than 40% silicone.

I am installing a shower door or shower enclosure with patterned glass.  Should the rough side of the glass face the inside or the outside of the unit?
For bathing fixtures featuring patterned or silk-screened glass, the rough or relief side of the glass should always face the outside of the shower or tub.

Can the bathtub or shower wall be cut to fit a smaller sized alcove?
Bathtub cannot be trimmed to fit. However, some easy-up (glue ups) surrounds can be trimmed. Please be sure to follow the installation instruction manual for your specific model.

Do I need a special bathtub to fit within an Aqua Glass branded bathtub wall?
Which brands/types of tubs will fit? We manufacture bathtubs that match our direct-to-stud bathtub walls. However, the wall sets fit fit any standard 30” x 60” bathtub.

Are the direct-to-stud styled bathing fixture ensembles caulk-less? If not, where is the correct place to caulk?
To avoid leaking, you must caulk the corner seams in addition to all of the outer edges of the wall set. Please refer to the product installation manual for more specific details.

Does the sub floor need to be level before I install my new direct-to-stud bathtub or shower base?
Yes, if your sub floor is not level, the bathtub and the wall set panels will not align properly, thereby creating an increased risk that water could get behind the panels and/or bathtub ledge.

Why do I have to leave a 1/8” gap between the tub ledge and the wall material?
Keeping a small gap between the tub ledge and the wall material helps to reduce the chance of water getting into the wall board. This small space allows the caulk to seep under the wall board, which helps to provide a watertight seal.

What kind of adhesive should I use when installing my bathtub wall? How much will I need?
As outlined in the bathtub and shower wall installation manuals, for Direct-To-Stud we recommend using two tubes (10.5oz.) of adhesive and for easy-up(glue ups) adhesive wall sets four to six tubes (10.5 oz.) of adhesives suitable for use with plastic of foam based material. WARNING: DO NOT sweat pipe or use a torch in the bathroom where glue has just been used to install a wall. The area around the tub or shower must be ventilated first. Lingering solvent fumes are extremely flammable! Read all warnings and instructions listed on product packaging before beginning your installation.

What should my bathtub or shower wall be attached or glued to?
Walls should be standard wallboard (drywall) or water resistant wallboard (greenboard). DO NOT install panels over existing ceramic tile or plywood. Surfaces must also mbe free of dirt, film, waxes or any other residues.  Painted surfaces must be sanded and wallpaper must be removed.   See the installation instructions for further detail.

Do I have to remove my ceramic tile before I adhere my new bathtub or shower wall? Why can’t I install my wall over ceramic tile?
Yes.  The solvent in the adhesive is unable to saturate and properly adhere to the ceramic tile (as it would to drywall or greenboard). Glueing to ceramic tile could cause the adhesive to leach into the polystyrene bathtub wall panels and could cause the panels to soften or melt as the adhesive cures. In other cases, some of the wall styles that are made of thinner material will soften and the ceramic tile grout lines could become visible beneath the wall panel.

How do I ensure a watertight seal?
The wall panels of your tub or shower either can be overlapped or trimmed. If you choose to overlap the panels you will need to apply a small bead of adhesive. Make sure all of the seams are also caulked.

How do you recommend that I finish or trim around a window in the bath or shower area?

If the window has a casing around it, you can butt the surround panels up to the casing and caulk where they meet. If the window has a plaster or a drywall corner, you can cap the corner by purchasing a plastic outside corner molding (clear or color-matched) readily available at home centers or hardware stores.   If in doubt, have a professional install the unit.

How do I remove adhesive from the surface of the bathtub or shower wall?
If the adhesive is freshly spilled, follow these steps immediately:
• Pick up excess adhesive with paper towels taking care not smear or spread the adhesive.
• Wash the entire area that was in contact with adhesive using alcohol with soap and water to remove any residue. Mineral spirits and a putty knife may also be used with care. If using mineral spirits or other combustible liquid, be careful to follow manufacturer’s directions about ventilating the work space.

Why are there four holes in the enclosure but only two access caps included in the parts kit?
The two provided caps are meant to cover the access holes at the bottom of the framing. When installed, the header rail will attractively cover the two other holes at the top.

Should I remove the foam underneath the shower base before installation?
No.  The foam acts as a support for the base after installation. If the foam is removed, the base could be damaged or crack during use.  After installation the foam will not be visible.  Removal of the foam voids your warranty.

If I need to install a filler strip what should I use to create it?

A filler strip can be made out of a piece of wood or plastic. Use a material that is solid and water resistant.

How do I get the doors on my corner entry shower to roll smoothly?
To help ensure smooth rolling, try loosening the clips or the rollers at the bottom of the door. The hardware may be over-tightened, preventing the door from rolling smoothly.


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Care & Maintenance FAQ's


What can I use to clean my tub or shower?
Use only non-abrasive, non-caustic cleaners, applied with a soft cloth. DO NOT USE cleaners that are "spray on and walk away" cleaning products; the use of these kinds of cleaners will void your warranty because "spray on and walk away" types of cleaners can damage the surface or cause cracks in the tub. Be sure to read and follow all directions and warnings provided by the cleaning product manufacturer.

Can I replace my towel bar?
Post anwser here.

Should I use a rubber mat in my new bathing fixture?

Use of a rubber mat can damage the tub or shower surface unless it is removed immediately after use and is dried out before being used again.  Tub or shower surface damage due to use of a rubber mat is not covered by the warranty.

What should I do if my jets are not working or if one is more powerful than another?
If one of your jets is not performing properly or has unequal flow or force, gently rotate the flowered escutcheon (middle) of the jet clockwise to open the jet or counterclockwise to lessen the flow of water.


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Product Information


Where is the serial number of my tub located?
The serial number can be located by facing your bathing fixture then looking in the right, lowest corner of the tub or shower. First look for the shiny Aqua Glass logo, then just below i, the serial number will be found on a small sticker.


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About Masco Bath and Its Products


Do you make custom bathing units?
No.  However, we manufacture a wide variety of products in various sizes, colors and styles, and our retail and wholesale distributors can special order items from our catalogs with specific options that are available.

Can I purchase products directly from your customer service department?
No.   Our products are sold through a wide variety of plumbing wholesalers and retail home centers, although in some instances replacement parts are available for purchase through our customer service department.

Do you make a shower or tub shower that is handicap accessible?
Yes. Our catalog includes a great selection of Special Care and Universal Design showers and tub-showers to meet just about anyone’s need.

Is the product I am looking to purchase UPC/IAPMO approved?
Many of our products are listed by IAPMO. Please refer to the product catalog, price book page or the individual product specification sheet.


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